Upcoming Shows

Sunday October 30, 2022

A special afternoon show in downtown Taylor, Texas, with

       Moors & McCumber

"I know from personal experience the magic of finding that perfect musical partner. It is a very rare bird indeed. For most it never happens, and if it does it creates musical magic...music that goes beyond the personal gifts of the individuals...it creates a third person, one who transcends and expands. James and Kort complete each other...they fill in each other's blanks and that makes for really really great music. Sophisticated yet simple, deceptively crafted, beautifully played, and written with inspiration." - Gary Louris, The Jayhawks

"For the last 10 years, James Moors and Kort McCumber have been touring, writing, and making community with their music. Recently, something very special has been happening and I call it "critical mass." Enough of us have become aware of their work and are excited about it. I saw them perform at Kerrville Folk Festival about a year-and-a-half ago and immediately knew it was time to put them on our stage here. There is a landmark now, a rite of passage, and it is a concert that they recently did here at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, which was recorded, released and titled "LIVE from Blue Rock."  This is a community effort. It is about friends who love music, the songs and each other. And, with Kort and James, that's what we get…" - Billy Crockett, Songwriter/Artist/Producer, and Creative Director, Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio


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